A downloadable game for Windows

Enter the world of Sweet Streets!

You play as Cinnabun Roll, an aspiring master baker who has just moved to the Big Easy, New Orleans, with hopes of baking for Mardi Gras! Not everything goes according to plan when she finds out sugar...has been banned?!

With the help of some attractive strangers, Cinnabun may just find her place in the world...and maybe someone to love, too.

Max Canelé, resident jax-of-all-trades. This nonbinary beauty finds Cinnabun fresh off the plane, and helps her find her way around.

Adelaide Povitica, the wealthy lawyer's daughter. Gorgeous and serious, but her windchime laughter can melt hearts.

Tom Canelé, the baker. Max's older brother, this aro-ace master can see Cinnabun's talent, but she has a lot to prove before he'll take her under his wing.

Now Presenting v1.1.0!

No known issues. If you find any, feel free to let the team know!

Known issues in v1.0.0:

-Choosing Cinnamon Roll and Baklava leads to the game looping without the ending displaying

This issue is being addressed for the next build version, which will be available from sweetstreetsgame.tumblr.com and will be uploaded to itch.io after the judging process for the Sugar, Sweets & Jam game jam is over.

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and run the Application .exe Sweet Streets file!

Start your game and enjoy!


Sweet Streets v1.1.0
Sweet Streets v1.1.0.zip 217 MB